CBD OIL Druid drops


CBD OIL = Druid drops = Supporting Holistic Health by reviving the Druids way of Alchemy, Herbalism & Magic.


The master oil for relaxation and relief


CBD oil supports you in relaxing your system. In daily life we pick up many stimuli, and we need time to process it all. When you relax, you allow your system to heal.


CBD oil is a natural blend with a full spectrum hemp extract, natural terpenes and contains 11% Cannabidiol. CBD is a natural occurring compound with the cannabis plant, called a cannibinoid (supporting the plant’s immune system).


All compounds that are naturally produced by the plant itself are extracted. Gently preserving all the information of the plant. Because of this, the synergy between the active components makes it a potent blend for therapeutic uses. When you relax, you heal.


you to relax your nervous system. Gedurende de dag pakken wij veel prikkels op. CBD helpt om je systeem te ontspannen. Je heelt in ontspanning. 3 soorten blends: Relaxation, energy & clarity. 11% CBD gehalte, hoogwaardig. Tapenen zijn erin geblend.