Chaga Tincture

Chaga is the King of all mushrooms that supports our digestive and immune system. This cold-loving fungus grows on white birch trees and has been eaten as food, and sipped as tea for as long as recorded history. It actually has its roots in our own beautiful country, and is one of Mahara’s old time favourites!


Chaga is a unique organism with endless benefits for our immunity and health. This nutritious mushroom nourishes the body and is extremely rich in B-Vitamines and anti-oxidants. They have the ability to fight infections, anti-inflammatory benefits, balance energy levels and helps to regulate immune responses.


Just like our immune systems are connected to the rest of the body, the mycelium of a mushroom is interconnected with the whole ecosystem.


Did you know that mushrooms, such as Chaga, naturally defend themselves from invaders like bacteria? That is why by eating them, they can actually pass on these benefits to us!