Alchemystical raw chocolate gifted by Mahara with love.

We welcome you to the essence of our En-Sof chocolates.

All our chocolates are handmade and charged with an alchemystical vibration.

En-Sof is a round shapes chocolate that tells you the story of endlessness, infinity and all that is possible without boundries.


The packedge is designed as a teaser for you to step into the elegance of sharing. It is made to refill with the awareness of sustainable pleasure.


En-Sof, ”the chocolate that makes your heart melt”


We would love to introduce to you ”Malkuth”

Malkuth is the 10th Sefirot in the tree of life and is located at the bottom of the tree. Malkuth is as well referred to the kingdom of matter.

This is our first chocolate it is pure, raw and the original.

”En-Sof the chocolate that makes your heart melt”