Alchemystical raw chocolate gifted by Mahara with love.


We welcome you to the essence of En-Sof chocolate. This chocolate is pure, raw, extravagant, deep, multi dimensional and a gift for you and your loved ones. We selected a round form because En Sof is the Hebrew meaning for endless, the infinite, that which is boundless. It is an invitation for you to explore chocolate’s endless pleasure.

We would love to introduce to you ‘Malkuth”
Malkuth is the 10th sefira in the Tree of life and is located at the bottom of the tree. Malkuth is as well referred to the kingdom of matter. This is our ‘first chocolate’ it is pure, raw, original and the perfect base for more magic that is about to come!


The chocolate box is designed as a teaser to step into your elegance of sharing the gold. The woman on the box represents the colours of the 5 human races. She reminds us of our strength, compassion and sensuality, leaving you with a touch of love. En Sof is co-created out of many stories, but mostly a sweet way to open your heart and bring a smile on your face.