Hidden History of Humanity – Part 2: Silica


Hidden History of Humanity

by Steven de Koeningswarter (www.facebook.com/steven.dekoenigswarter)

Part 2: Silica


Steven de Kokeningswarter, the visionairy and founder of The Health Factory, is coming to Mahara to share more of his discovered secrets of the history of mankind. Now diving even deeper than before into the hidden history to pass the evolution theory the bible teaches us in Genesis…
What if earth is even older than we know? And what if there were much bigger creatures in the period of the dinosaurs?
This night Steven brings evidence to the table that brings new perspectives and might change the way you look at our human history.
  • 9th of December from 19.00 – 21.30 Mahara Holistic Lifestyle
  • The fee for this lecture is €9
  • Limited space, max 12 people
** This lecture is part of a 2-piece series. Both can be enjoyed separately just fine, so it is not a prerequisite to attend both! **