All About the Intestines – a lecture by Dr. Kleipool


All About the Intestines – a lecture by Dr. Kleipool (online)

Wednesday March 31st

19:30 – 20:30


All About the Intestines – a lecture by Dr. Kleipool

Welcome into our School of Mysteries, where this time we invite you to learn more about part of our inner factory: the intestines. We invited Rein Kleipool to teach us about its mystery, so we can all flourish with a happy and more balanced gut.

Rein Kleipool is a nature doctor with a big interest and passion for the self-regulated healing system of the human body. He sustains that in the bigger and smaller situations in life it´s very important to encounter all influences which play a role within the balance of our health, and this asks for precision.

The better we follow the natural rhythm of the body the faster we can trace illnesses and bring the balance back again. Health is dependent on the skill of communicating with our body, asking if we give the right nutrition for our body type, if we move enough to our needs, if there is a balance between rest and action to give space for integration, how deep is our breath movement, if our mind set is in resonance with our body, etc.

The small intestine and large intestine have a very important and correcting function on most of the functions of the body. So the question is, how do these intriguing organs work? How can we learn to speak the language of the belly so that we understand what it needs?

We welcome you into this meeting to learn and unlearn, to connect, to share and to shine light on places that needed more clarity to create more flow into our body.



Wednesday, March 31st
19:30 – 20:30
(via Zoom)

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