Mahara’s Morning Meditation (via Zoom)


Mahara’s Morning Meditation (online)

Every other Thursday

08:00 – 09:00


Welcome to our bi-weekly morning meditation.
Together we sit in silence and connect through the water.
Water is a beautiful element in creation that connects all. The earth is 80% water and so is our body.
The Goki in Colombia works with the spirit of Aluna she is the bridge into the great unknown and serves as a voice or vocal point for creation to connect through. As we all gather around the water we are all sitting around the same well of infinite possibilities. Through this meditation we observe what is there, we breathe, we connect, and share the same silence. After the silence come’s the voice of all and we warmly welcome you into the soundscape of the spirit of silence as a practice to connect more and more with your inner self.
Mahara’s Morning Meditation (online)
Michelle is collecting water from sacred sights all around the world and invites us to sit with the sacred water every Thursday morning altogether.
You can come to Mahara to pick up a bottle or we can send you a bottle to your altar at home. Or you can collect water from nature or you tap and sit with it for a moment to charge it up.
with love,
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