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Mumijo is a dark brown hard tar converged from honey and honey combs of wild living ancient bee populations, in a fossilisation process of millions of years.

It is extremely rare and only found in caves of very high mountain regions of central Asia. “The King of Herbs’ ” Mumjio is gathered by hand under highest efforts in regions above 2,500 m / 8.000 ft in the Siberian Altai mountain region. In the folk-medicine it has been called “The Gift of the Gods”and for many thousand of years it has been administered as a super-booster for the immune-system.

It is processed into a unique instant soluble powder, by using the finest and most advanced methods only. It is pure, mined by hand, free of gluten and any other substances and is instantly soluble (no sticky tar).  The jars are  encoded & energized and contain a programmed crystal. It contains 90 servings, a supply for about 45 days, which you can easily measure with the copper-plated measuring spoon that it comes with.