♡  Online Cacao Ceremony ♡ with Michelle


Online Cacao Ceremony with Michelle

March 23rd, 19:30 – 21:30


Time and Space are just these elements that we can bend when we arrive within the moment through the (he)Art!
Mahara is known for the deep and loving ceremony’s, for 8 years already we come together to sit and pray, dance, laugh, cry, enjoy and connect with ourselves and through that with each other.
We are missing the cozy nights in the yurt of Mahara’s oasis but we know as well that it is very beautiful to do a ceremony in front of your own altar!

Cacao has so many benefits and many hidden treasures, Mahara would love to invite you to come and sit with us. Yes my dears, it’s through a screen, but when we truly connect, the veil will open for us to unite beyond our limitations!

Eye made a beautiful blend of raw cacao from Pure Kakaw and En-Sof mixed with; Ormus, Saffran, Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lavender and blessings! We can send it to your house or you can pass by to pick it up.

Let’s dance again and find that peace within ourselves where we are free,
Let’s dream, incision, co-create and manifest all that is there waiting for us,
Let’s feel the unity and face what is there to teach us who we are,
Let’s be and fall into the I AM that we are

With golden love and a big cacao heart,


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