Pure Kakaw Heart

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⊰ Open yours to open other’s ⊱

Cacao is known as a heart opener which you can experience yourself or together. We often feel how cacao supports heartfelt conversations. This pure cacao heart is large enough for two or three drinks.

The Kakaw Heart is made from 100% pure cacao with a cardamom-frankincense blend.


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The Kakaw Heart is made from 100% pure cacao from Nicaragua with a cardamom-frankincense blend.
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Did you know that cacao is packed with healthy antioxidants and minerals that protect your heart and cardiovascular system?

Size: 45~50gr (2 to 3 servings)

How to use:

1. Cut the Kakaw Heart into smaller pieces to dissolve easier and to blend it into a heartwarming drink.

2. Mix with hot water or plant-based milk, around 150ml per drink. 70°C is warm enough to melt the cacao and is a nice temperature to drink.

3. Blend into a frothy drink with bubbles to increase the delicious aroma. You can use a frother or (hand)blender.