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Roots Rising: Welcoming of Ra




Roots Rising

The Welcoming of RA

Roots Rising
-The Welcoming of RA-
“All that is broken is healed; all that is forgotten is brought to light”
Roots Rising is diving deeper and deeper through the gates of our existence!
Last edition we celebrated our rising with 11 women, now we are here to come into unity.
We invite you, man and woman to come to gather and celebrate the return of RA!
RA is also known as the Egyptian Sun God. The sun is the giver of life, controlling the growth of all life on the planet. RA represents life, warmth and growth….. Let’s welcome the sun from inside and outside and celebrate life by being together in the most simple way. We are all manifestations of the One Infinite Creator and there are many colors to celebrate, now that the spring is knocking on the door we want to welcome with you the light into our ‘house’ or temple inside and outside!
We will walk, dance, share, discover, unwind, inspire and get inspired, pray, learn and unlearn, eat from the fire and experience the sense of community… Roots Rising is shining again during this spring edition of ’The welcoming of RA”
We will share beautiful practices, movement, dance, delicious foods, ceremonies, prayer and a lot of time for laughter and relaxation.
May the drum be the medicine…
We hope to see you within the heart of the forest!
Program teaser:
Sound Journey by Thomas Kwakernaat
Wild Food Ceremony