Sounds of Silence



Sounds of Silence

We welcome you into a very special day retreat before the end of the year…

We are being invited by the Spirit of Silence to come together to sit and to be with the voice of the Earth. She will sing trough us her song and we have to listen, together.

Together we can do it because together we are strong…

As we gather in Silence, the Spirit brings us into the heart and we will call the Mother to sing us her song of creation. With her we rise and pray in Love, to receive what we wish for. We give thanks by playing and dancing in her honour. By loving in a sacred union, we give birth and return to the Earth.

This song will sing deep into the roots of the Earth with all that is, accepting every part and inviting it into the circle. With our eyes closed we hear better, we see our voice better, we sing to the death and we bring it back into life.

That is why the Spirit of Silence is inviting you this day, so that you can receive your song and bring it back into life

Much love,
The spirit of Silence

PS: Please bring comfortable clothing and your own water bottle.
PPS: We will serve tea and a delicious soup as lunch!