Start Walking Your Path Ceremony


CEREMONY We will deeply thank the maiden, we will acknowledge the qualities we want to bring forth from the maiden and the qualities we would like to let go. With journeying, ritual and practices we will honour the great mother, our mothers and the mothers within ourselves. We will share, laugh, cry if needed, all is welcome all is good!

Giving birth is an initiation by which you enter into a whole different game where you have to balance your attention to maintain the different relationships you are in with

1) yourself 2) your partner 3) your baby(ies)

Yes in this order as the two top two make the relation with your baby. Why? He/she is a reflection of yourself. You are raising yourself, your own inner child. And that’s great! That means that with awareness you can see how motherhood can make you grow and free you and your children.

Celebrate yourself, the woman and the mother in you and understand yourself more in Motherhood.

What can you expect? • Enter a safe and sacred space • Acknowledge the massive transformation motherhood is • Deepen your bond with yourself • Feel the support of other mothers • Being guided to journey inwards • Reconnect with your path in life besides being a mother

PRACTICALITY Every women is welcome that is a grandmother, mother, becoming a mother or having a desire to become a mother

Let’s build the new future together!