Stories as Medicine



Stories as Medicine

Storytelling workshop

Find your voice, find your story! Connect with yourself and others in a healing way.
In 3 intense sessions, you work with a group of inspiring people and a professional storyteller to develop the tools you need to tell an engaging story on the Mahara Storytelling night.
Lessons are held every Sunday from 16:30 to 19:00
And, at the 21st of February, there will be a Mahara Storytelling night from 19:00 to 22:00
Costs: €225 (price includes Mahara soup)
Max. 6 participants
In this workshop you will:
• gain confidence with performing a story in public
• hear inspiring stories from Berber and your fellow participants
• work with personal & historical stories, myths & folktales
• receive profound feedback on your work
• be offered tools how to improve your storytelling skills
• learn by listening and giving feedback
• work with the healing power of stories to reflect on yourself and the world around you

About Berber
Berber has been working as a professional storyteller for the last seven years. She performs in theaters, festivals, public events and regularly at the Mezrab; House of Stories. She uses stories as a way to connect with herself and others in a healing way. She went to theater school in Brussels and did the professional course of the Mezrab Storytelling school. She was taught by Sahand Sahabdevani & Farnoosh Farnia (Iran) Raphael Rodan (Israel) and Tania Castro (Peru).
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