Thomas first came in contact with shiatsu therapy while living in Japan in 1999. It made a deep impression on him and this fascination turned into a lasting affinity. After an international commercial career, Thomas started attending the four-year HBO Zen Shiatsu Therapy Training in Amsterdam in 2010. Both in 2015, 2017and in 2019 he guided  delegations from the Zen Shiatsu Training in a study trip to Japan. During those journeys Thomas has been able to build a direct and intensive bond with the best Japanese teachers, which he still draws on every day. After graduating from the Zen Shiatsu Training, Thomas started his practice for Shiatsu therapy. In addition to Shiatsu, he has studied many additional treatment methods. Following yearly Shiatsu update courses, Thomas continues to expand and deepen his practice.

Shiatsu takes place on a cotton mattress (futon) on the floor. Each treatment is preceded by a short conversation, during which the client’s symptoms are discussed and a treatment plan is made. Followed by feeling the wrist and abdomen in order to make the diagnosis, after which the treatment is started. At the end of the session, your response to the treatment will be discussed.

Effects of shiatsu:
• relaxes body and soul
• connects head, heart and body.
• increases your vitality and energy
• improves the condition of muscles and joints
• promotes the functioning of the internal organs and aids digestion
• promotes your hormonal balance
• supports your body in the removal of toxins
• reduces stress in the body

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