Eye welcome you, my hands are an extension of yours, my voice is an extension of yours….

Together we dive beyond the veil of that, that bounds us into the physical, behind closed eyes into the stillness i will hold a space for you to enter your heart so that we can surrender into the soundscapes. I work with instruments as singing bowls, gong, drums, flutes etc. to resonate with your resonance into the dept of your being….. My voice will speak in prayer and sing to you the wisdoms of far away and beyond. My hands will work through the heart driven by the intuition of ‘life force energy’ we are all-knowing when we become still.

If you feel the calling I am here, its a mystical experience and for everyone a different one….

In 10 years of sharing my art through treatments, haircuts and ceremony’s this treatment is a combination of all that I gathered around the world and beyond.

“This will be your personal ru-tune session where we work with resonance”

After the intake where we also work with a new form of bio resonance we have a good idea where work on… The body is a hologram with many vibrational levels so we map out in best possible way how you are doing and where you are in life, from that point on we surrender and let the divine do its work.

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