Welcome to Mahara’s Healing Space.

One of the secrets of Mahara is the loving and serene energy that envelops you as soon as you walk in… And the deeper you walk into our urban temple, the more you get the sensation of finding something sacred. 

We designed a feng shui room for you with a garden view. We love to work on the ground on Japanese Taki mats to stay connected to the earth and to work with the elements but if prefered, we also have a classic massage table available for you. All treatments offered in this room are based on a holistic approach nourishing the body, mind and soul.


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Eye welcome you, my hands are an extension of yours, my voice is an extension of yours…. Together we dive beyond the veil of that, that bounds us into the physical, behind closed eyes into the stillness i will hold a space for you to enter your heart so that we can surrender into the… Continue reading SOUL MASSAGE // MICHELLE


Cleo Tjitrodipo is a certified, experienced massage therapist and teacher with over 10 years of professional experience in massage and bodywork. Cleo grew up in the cultural melting pot of Suriname, in the Javanese tradition of "Kejawen". Islamic (Sufi) influences and animist, Hindu and Buddhist elements come together here. A basic in Asian households, is… Continue reading MASSAGE & BODYWORKER // CLEO


Thomas first came in contact with shiatsu therapy while living in Japan in 1999. It made a deep impression on him and this fascination turned into a lasting affinity. After an international commercial career, Thomas started attending the four-year HBO Zen Shiatsu Therapy Training in Amsterdam in 2010. Both in 2015, 2017and in 2019 he… Continue reading SHIATSU // THOMAS