Mahara’s Cacao Ceremony

A heart expanding journey with Michelle “It’s an activation’ Mahara is the house of cacao and by now as well the house for sound and vibration! Which is a beautiful medicine and tool to transform and to expand. This is why we would love to share this magical heart opening ceremony with you… Michelle will… Continue reading Mahara’s Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Weekly Restorative Circle

Immerse yourself weekly in healing energetic vibrations as you’re guided through deep cleansing and restorative meditations to help release and clear out the repressed negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and toxic energetic imprints and attachments.  That blocks your ability to experience high-vibrational feelings of joy, love, and connection, reach your highest potential, and fulfill your soul’s… Continue reading Sacred Weekly Restorative Circle

Duo Yoga Massage Class

Duo Yoga Massage - Every other Monday Allow your body to unwind and let go of all the stresses and tensions accumulated your body, through movement, meditation and one-on-one exchange of Thai Yoga Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn). During the class you are invited to tune into your being through breath awareness and a short guided meditation before being lead into… Continue reading Duo Yoga Massage Class