Sacred Woman’s lodge

Dear Sacred Woman, This MoonLodge touches on our mystic and medial woman-self., who we are born with and live inside our deep spiritual realm She is necessary to become aware of and connect with because she brings us our creative life and she helps us to speak our truth. To boldly be audacious! She is… Continue reading Sacred Woman’s lodge

Sham-A-Mystic Blue Lotus Ceremony

♡We welcome you into the Majestic Blue Lotus Flower Ceremony♡ Native to Ancient Egypt, the Blue Lotus Flower represents spiritual rebirth and life force energy. This majestic Flower was used in Temple Ceremonies for blessing, anointing, healing and meditation. Served as a Tea, (a slightly sweet & golden liquid that reminds one of melted amber)… Continue reading Sham-A-Mystic Blue Lotus Ceremony

Mahara’s Cacao Ceremony

A heart expanding journey with Michelle “It’s an activation’ Mahara is the house of cacao and by now as well the house for sound and vibration! Which is a beautiful medicine and tool to transform and to expand. This is why we would love to share this magical heart opening ceremony with you… Michelle will… Continue reading Mahara’s Cacao Ceremony

Full moon sound healing journey

Gonca Gürses, a passionate sound explorer, voice & sound healing therapist, musician, shamanic guide, earth keeper, and dreamer. With a background in Performing Arts in Opera, Gonca discovered the healing power of the human voice and has devoted her life to helping others through various healing techniques. In 2006, she became the first certified Voice… Continue reading Full moon sound healing journey

Sacred Sound and Cacao Ceremony

Sound and cacao open a sacred and safe space holding us softly and compassionately. Sacred sounds carry us out of time and space, calming and even quieting our minds that is very precious to meet our inner self and hear our inner voice with the guidance of powerful, compassionate cacao plant medicine. The ancient cacao… Continue reading Sacred Sound and Cacao Ceremony

Art of hosting

Mahara is welcoming you into a one day (re) treat “the art of hosting” Since Im 14 i used to work in places where I would host and facilitate the space and the guests. As a host I learned step by step the art of hosting and i found this skill one of the most… Continue reading Art of hosting