Roots Rising Pre-Party

We highly welcome you to Roots Rising Pre-Party to give you a taste of how a week at this Re-activation/festival/re-treat can feel, all bough into an evening celebration. We designed for you this special evening with food, music and beautiful people and very special setting to introduce to you Roots Rising. Mahara will host this… Continue reading Roots Rising Pre-Party

Overtone Singing Experience

Overtone Singing is connecting you to your voice, to yourself, to your body, to the natural harmonics. In this workshop you will learn the basic foundations and techniques, so that you can go on your personal journey with the overtones afterwards. How far you will go with overtone singing depends on how committed you are… Continue reading Overtone Singing Experience

Art of hosting

Mahara is welcoming you into a one day (re) treat “the art of hosting” Since Im 14 i used to work in places where I would host and facilitate the space and the guests. As a host I learned step by step the art of hosting and i found this skill one of the most… Continue reading Art of hosting

Erol’s Dinner Time

Erol’s Tuesday Dinner is ready for you🔥 A MaHaRa Dinner Experience, familystyle, full of veggies, fruits, nuts and many suprises💚 Entry ticket is 13, for children it is 9, please be there before 1900 dinner is served between 1900-1930 with a touch of divine timing. Love to serve delicious, healthy and happyfoods.

Sham-A-Mystic: Blue Lotus Ceremony

♡We welcome you into the Majestic Blue Lotus Flower Ceremony♡ Native to Ancient Egypt, the Blue Lotus Flower represents spiritual rebirth and life force energy. This majestic Flower was used in Temple Ceremonies for blessing, anointing, healing and meditation. Served as a Tea, (a slightly sweet & golden liquid that reminds one of melted amber)… Continue reading Sham-A-Mystic: Blue Lotus Ceremony