Under the guidance of the Muzeïna tribe, we travel by foot and by camel through the desert during the period of the full moon. We eat and share around the fire and sleep under the stars.

Traveling through this area under the guidance of this tribe offers you the unique opportunity to experience life in its authentic form. The desert ensures that all noise from the line disappears so that you can return to your own nature. You can completely surrender to the rhythm of the desert.
The rhythm of traveling through the desert with each other, on foot or on a camel, quickly creates a calm. It is getting quieter and wider around you.

We travel 6 days per camel and per foot about 10 to 15 kilometers per day and as much as possible in silence. We sleep and live in the open air. We visit several historical sites, such as the oasis El Goudra and the more than 5000 year old stone domes of Nawamis. We climb over mountain peaks and through valleys and walk deeper and deeper into the desert. The environment is wide and varied and will not be boring.
Traveling with the knowledge of the tribe and in the safety of the group is a primal feeling that we are quite away from here in the west.
This space that becomes available often provides insights, energy and strength.

In order to keep your energy flowing properly, we offer an opening of the day every morning through movement or meditation.
For this trip this will be provided by Michelle van Coevorden. She will open the space in the early mornings with a morning meditation in the rising sun followed by moving with the desert spirit “from Tai ~ Chi to Yoga to Dancing with the wind”. She will also give a Blue Lotus tea ceremony under the stars. This mystical plant played an important role in the culture of the ancient Egyptians.

In addition, Maxine Vogt travels with us, she supports people to fully stand for who they really are. This is said in her daily life through her symbols and the corresponding development path (www.iseejah.love).
Her presence on this journey will therefore be dominated by the symbols. She can provide insights and tools that can help you get to your core.

The aim is to investigate silently, but also with each other as a mirror, what we have to do as individuals in this life. To sharpen our own talents and powers, so that we can come home to our highest potential.

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